• Manicure11

    • French Manicure16

    • Buff Manicure16

    • Spa Manicure32

    • Polish Change8

    • Color Gel Manicure35

    • French Color Gel Manicure45

    New Set & Fill-In

    • UV Gel permanent French Set100

    • UV Gel set80

    • UV Gel French Fill-In60

    • UV Gel Fill-In40

    • Silk Wrap Set70

    • Silk Extension80

    • Powder Fill-In35

    • Glue & Gel Manicure25


    • Pedicure25

    Soak and scrub the feet, cut and shape the nails, apply lotion and polish. Refresh your feet in 20 min

    • French Pedicure30

    • Polish Change15

    Children Special

    (Under 13 Years Old)

    • Manicure8

    • Pedicure20

    • Polish Manicure & Pedicure15

    (Under 7 Years Old)


    • Eye Brow10

    • Lip8

    • Chin10

    • Cheek12

    • Under Arm15

    • Half Arm / Full Arm20/30

    • Back40

    • Bikini Line18

    • Semi Brazilian Bikini30

    (Leaving a landing strip)

    • Brazilian Bikini40

    (All removed)

    • Abdominal / Stomach10/20

    • Half Leg / Full Leg25/45

    • Full Leg & Bikini Line60

    (We offer threading service)


    • Eyebrow Tint 30

    (Include Eyebrow Waxing )

    • Eyelash Tint25

    • Eyelash Extension100

    • Ear Candle50

    Spa Pedicure

    • 1.Reflexology Pedicure35

    Basic pedicure with 10 Min Reflexology

    • 2.Green Tea Spa Pedicure45

    Feet are softened in a green tea soak, exfoliated away tough calluses and smooth away rough and dry skin with green tea scrub. Include Callus Treatment & 10 Min reflexology

    • 3.Crystal Spa Pedicure55

    Innovative footbath treatment for tired feet made from a special blend of essential plants oils including the extracts of Aloe Vera and Ginseng. A jelly bath soak will miraculously turn water into a jell-like consistency. Feet will be submerged relieving tension and pain. Include Callus Treatment & 15 Min reflexology with Hot Stone.

    • 4.Bella Organic Spa Pedicure65

    Milk has extraordinary hydrating qualities increasing your skin’s ability to obtain moisture. It is chockfull of vitamins A, D & E to nourish your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits. The essential proteins and effective beta-hydroxyacids naturally hydrate and exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and silky soft.Include Callus Treatment & 20min Reflexology

    • 5.Purissima Organic Spa Pedicure85

    Fucus seaweed and extract counters cellulite by increasing the metabolic rate. Bead Sea salt is rich in minerals, invigorates blood circulation and reduces rheumatic and muscle pains. Fennel, Birch and Juniper essential oils have a purifying effect. Tea Tree, Balsam Copaiba Rosemary, and Thyme essential oils have an extremely effective antiseptic action. Purissima treatment fortified with plant extracts and essential oil aromatherapy will not only help to promote metabolism and improve blood circulation but also relieve chronic stress and exhaustion. Include Callus Treatment & 30 Min reflexology.


    • Chair Massage10Min 12

    • Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage30Min 40/60Min 70

    • Foot Reflexology10Min 12/30Min 30/60Min 60


    • Eyelash25

    • Eyebrow 30

    (Include eyebrow Waxing)

    Eyelash Extensions

    • Eyelash Extensions 100

    Apply to one lash at a time onto your existing natural eyelash transforms them into lush, beautiful, longer eyelashes. Enhance your natural beauty and amazingly increase you inner confidence.

    Ear Candle $50

    Ear candles are soothing, helpful and excellent in the treatment of:

    • -Sinusitis/ Headaches/ T.M.J. or jaw pain/ Ear aches

    • -Otitis Externa/ Tropical Ear

    • -Tinnitus/ Ear Noise/

    • -Many stress related symptoms

    • -Balancing Ear Pressure/ Nervousness


    • 1.Regular Manicure + Regular Pedicure55

    With 10 min Reflexology & 10 Min Back Massage

    • 2.Regular Manicure + Green Tea Spa Pedicure65

    with 10 Min Back Massage

    • 3.Regular Manicure + Jelly Spa Pedicure85

    with 20 min Back Massage

    • 4.Spa Manicure + Bella Organic Spa Pedicure125

    with 30 min Back Massage

    • 5.Spa Manicure + Purissima Organic Spa Pedicure185

    with 30 min Back Massage & Ear Candle